How To Fight Obesity With Jiaogulan, Scientifically Proven Method. 150 150 Sergey

How To Fight Obesity With Jiaogulan, Scientifically Proven Method.

According to World Health Organization, overweight and obesity increases one’s risk of diabetes cardiovascular disease and even some types of cancers. But you already know this. I am not here to torment you with the horrors. Scientists in Korea have done a research back in 2013 on how to fight obesity with Jiaogulan, you can read the original report here. There is a simple solution with no side effects and complications. I will explain it in a more understandable manner.

Scientists discovered that you can fight obesity with Jiaogulan

The study was a 12‐week, randomized, double‐blind, placebo‐controlled clinical trial followed by a 3‐week screening period. So you know that they took their research quite seriously! Over 100 people volunteered for this trial, but due to vigorous selection process only 80 qualified to proceed.

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How to brew the best cup of Jiaogulan Tea 150 150 Sergey

How to brew the best cup of Jiaogulan Tea

We all know that tea brewing is a slowly disappearing form of art. Naturally, with a fast-paced lifestyle, not many of us have the luxury of brewing and enjoying our own cup of tea. Nonetheless, here are some ideas for brewing your perfect cup of Jiaogulan tea.

Brew Jiaogulan Tea
Brew delicious Jiaogulan Tea

I am not going to divulge the benefits of Jiaogulan in this article, you can read them here. Instead I will give you a few different ways you can brew Jiaogulan tea to get the tastiest and most beneficial cup of tea.

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Can Jiaogulan battle cancer? Here are fascinating facts. 150 150 Sergey

Can Jiaogulan battle cancer? Here are fascinating facts.

Gynostemma Pentaphyllum, also known as The Immortality Herb, has vast therapeutic properties. It has been used for treating several disorders including hepatitis, diabetes and cardiovascular disease. In this article I will shed some light on the fascinating discoveries about Jiaogulan’s Anti-Cancer properties.

Can Jiaogulan battle cancer?
A scientist studying Jiaogulan

Although we all want to live forever and achieve immortality, this is a topic for another day. Today, I will share with you some information that will strengthen your faith in the Anti Cancer properties of Jiaogulan – The Immortality Herb.
This article is based on research done by a handful of Chinese scientists, you can read all the technical jargon here if you are interested. I will go on and try to make it more appealing to the general crowd.

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11 Proven Benefits of Jiaogulan – The Immortality Herb 150 150 Sergey

11 Proven Benefits of Jiaogulan – The Immortality Herb

Jiaogulan, also scientifically known as Gynostemma Pentaphyllum, is a herb native to Thailand and other parts of South East Asia, but you already know this. You may also know that the Chinese called it The Immortality Herb due to its numerous health benefits and life-prolonging qualities.

Although the question of actual immortality still remains unanswered, Jiaogulan definitely can contribute to extending and improving quality of one’s life. Just look at what WebMD has to say about The Immortality Herb.

Jagulana - The Immortality Herb tea
Chinese villagers enjoy tea after a long day’s work

Did you know that Jiaogulan has attracted the attention of doctors and scientists as early as 1960?This happened when it was noticed that residents of certain provinces in China were living considerably longer than their neighbours. Naturally, they drank Jiaogulan tea in the morning, before going out to work in the fields, to increase their levels of endurance and strength. But also they drank it in the evening to help them calm the senses and get a better sleep. This amazing property of Jiaogulan to energize you without agitating the nervous system and to calm and relax you at the same time is mind boggling scientists till now.

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