Gynostemma and thyroid, how to stay healthy the easy way.

Gynostemma and thyroid, how to stay healthy the easy way. 150 150 Sergey

Thousands of people roam the planet completely unaware of illnesses that are invisible and hard to understand. They are not only invisible to the naked eye, also the medical world has little explanation about them. One such a group of conditions, that is often overlooked and misunderstood, is thyroid health. We will shed some light on Jiaogulan or Gynostemma and Thyroid Conditions, what effect it has and how can we use it for improving Thyroid health.

Thyroid glands

What is Thyroid?

Not many people know what is thyroid and what are its functions, this makes thyroid conditions even more mysterious. Medical practitioners have some understanding about thyroid, but its significance in the overall health is yet to be fully discovered.

Being part of the larger network of glands, the endocrine system, thyroid is a gland located in the neck, near the throat. It regulates hormonal production and monitors metabolism thus having some influence on our weight. It has many other functions as well.

When an illness strikes thyroid, it is difficult to trace the ensuing symptoms to the gland or to comprehend why an unhealthy thyroid behaves the way it does.

Symptoms of unhealthy thyroid.

As you can understand, it is quite hard to detect an unhealthy thyroid. It is also quite common to mix up the symptoms with other illnesses. We have narrowed down the following symptoms of a possible unhealthy thyroid.

Gynostemma and Thyroid - herbal remedies
  • Enlargement or swelling of the thyroid gland
  • Low cognition and concentration issues
  • Irritability, nervousness and sluggish behaviour
  • Increased ambient temperature sensitivity
  • Digestive disorders (diarrhea or constipation)
  • Extreme changes in appetite
  • Extreme changes in heart rate
  • Anxiety or depression
  • Reproductive health issues
  • Excessive sweating or clamminess
  • Hair loss, thinning or brittle hair
  • Dry skin

Ultimately, it takes a medical practitioner to determine if the problems are thyroid related or if there is a thyroid condition after all. These symptoms are a good start to look in the right direction, but make sure to follow up with your doctor to get an official diagnosis.

Herbs that will help you maintain a healthy thyroid

Modern medicine and doctors have numerous ways to treat thyroid conditions. However, people are also turning to natural remedies to maintain thyroid health. Here are some of the herbs, we are not claiming that they will rectify your thyroid conditions, but they will support and enhance your endocrine system, which many in turn lead to a healthier thyroid.
More studies are necessary before claiming any herb a thyroid healer, but the following are some of the best and brightest so far.

Jiaogulan - The Immortality Herb

A vining plant related to cucumbers, gynostemma (also called Jiaogulan or Immortality Herb) may also bring some benefits for thyroid health to the table.
This herb, also from Asia, is better known for its adaptogen qualities, immune-boosting, protecting the nervous system, and much more. Part of its immune powers involves autoimmune relief.
For this reason, herbalists recommend gynostemma to people with certain thyroid disorders.
As aforementioned, thyroid health can often be harmed by autoimmunity. In one study, compounds from gynostemma called “gypenosides” where found to counterbalance autoimmunity with anti-inflammatory effects.
More about Gynostemma and thyroid here.

closeup photo of sprout

One of the most classic of Indian herbs, ashwagandha is an herbalist’s first choice for thyroid health support.
Herbalists and enthusiasts for natural health all over the world have turned to it when the gland is in a time of need.
Studies also show great potential for ashwagandha and the thyroid, too.
The study showed that the herb helped enhance the function of the gland in the healthiest way possible, whether underactive or overactive.


Also known as “Siberian ginseng,” the root of this plant and its healing qualities have often been compared to that of true ginseng.
Most notably, eleuthero appears to be an endocrine supporter.
Another study demonstrated anti-inflammatory, autoimmune-reducing benefits, too.
So, like Gynostemma, eleuthero is both endocrine and immune-supporting, a very good thing for thyroid health.

There are numerous other herbs that support and promote thyroid health, we have listed only the top three.

Gynostemma and Thyroid – the verdict

composition of spoonfuls with various spices for healthy food preparing

Because of its strong adaptogens and saponins, Jiaogulan or Gynostemma has a very high chance in helping one maintaining a healthy thyroid. Rich with amino-acids and packed with active ingredients that boost ones immune system and promote cardiovascular health, Jiaogulan is truly the Immortality Herb.
By taking the extracts of Gynostemma Pentaphyllum in the form of capsules or tea, you will not only boost your immune system, you will also normalize your cholesterol, increase your stamina and give your body the all needed dose of antioxidants to remain young and healthy for years to come.

You can purchase Jiaogulan Tea and Jiaogulan Capsules directly from our shop, or from Amazon here.


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