How To Fight Obesity With Jiaogulan, Scientifically Proven Method.

How To Fight Obesity With Jiaogulan, Scientifically Proven Method. 150 150 Sergey

According to World Health Organization, overweight and obesity increases one’s risk of diabetes cardiovascular disease and even some types of cancers. But you already know this. I am not here to torment you with the horrors. Scientists in Korea have done a research back in 2013 on how to fight obesity with Jiaogulan, you can read the original report here. There is a simple solution with no side effects and complications. I will explain it in a more understandable manner.

Scientists discovered that you can fight obesity with Jiaogulan

The study was a 12‐week, randomized, double‐blind, placebo‐controlled clinical trial followed by a 3‐week screening period. So you know that they took their research quite seriously! Over 100 people volunteered for this trial, but due to vigorous selection process only 80 qualified to proceed.


The participants were given 225mg of Gynostemma Pentaphyllum extract twice a day. This dose was not chosen randomly. As we know, Chinese traditional medicine recommends taking 3-9 grams of Jiaogulan tea daily, so based on these values a calculation was made. The scientists concluded that 450mg of Jiaogulan extract is the optimal daily dose for their trial. If they would have just asked us, we would give them the same numbers. After all, we know so much about Jiaogulan, we wrote a book on it. You can download it here for free, or buy it on Amazon here.


Can you fight obesity with Jiaogulan?

The participants of the study were monitored every 4 weeks for changes in their cholesterol levels, BMI and abdominal fat. The placebo group showed no significant changes. While the group that received actiponin, which is how the scientists called Jiaogulan extract, showed some significant signs of improvement.

For example, already on the 8th week of the study, the total cholesterol levels of participants dropped by 5%. Triglycerides dropped by a whooping 13%. And waist circumference decreased by almost 3 centimeters! This shows that by taking Jiaogulan one does not only normalize cholesterol levels, but also can achieve visible results. Your waistline and abdominal fat will literally melt away when you start taking Jiaogulan. If you combine this with a healthy diet and exercise – you will be on the way to immortality.

Is it safe to fight obesity with Jiaogulan?

As with all natural ingredients and remedies, the side effects are practically nil. You have to take in account the medicinal properties of Jiaogulan, the effects it has on the system and make sure you are not taking any medication that is not compatible with Jiaogulan. You can find out more details on WebMD website.

Fight obesity with Jiaogulan

For example, one of the benefits of Jiaogulan is that it boosts immune system. Therefore, if you have Autoimmune disease, or taking immunosuppressants – better consult with your doctor first. Furthermore, the Korean scientists who did the extensive study on using Jiaogulan to fight obesity also were concerned with safety of this Immortality Herb. Therefore the subjects underwent extensive screening and tests prior to beginning of the study as well as every 4 weeks during it.

And guess what? They did not discover any abnormalities, their health was actually improving! Even months after the study was ended, the subjects did not develop any disorders. I think it is safe to say that Jiaogulan has no side effects, especially when it comes to fighting obesity.

Many other anti obesity drugs were tested and sold to the public. However most of them had to be withdrawn and restricted because of multiple side effects. For example one drug that decreased appetite was withdrawn from US and Canadian markets in October 2010. Why? Because it increased the risk of cardiovascular disease.

It is true, you can fight obesity with Jiaogulan.

Yes, you read it right! You can fight obesity with Jiaogulan! Once again the scientists proved what was well known centuries ago. But I do not blame them, sometimes people need some scientific evidence that the traditional medicine works.

As we can see from this research, and from many other ones too, Jiaogulan is truly a magical herb. If you are still not convinced, here is an article with some of the well known benefits.

If you are concerned with obesity and excessive weight, do not fret. Jiaogulan is the solution with numerous health benefits. Stay tuned and I will share more and more exciting information about Jiaogulan The Immortality Herb with you, my dear reader.

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