What is Jiaogulan?

Jiaogulan is a herb native to China and Thailand, where it grows abundantly in the wild as a vine. This herb which is known by the locals as the “herb of immortality” is known as such because of it anti-aging properties and the extremely long life-spans of those who consume this wonderful plant.  Jiaogulan is traditionally taken as a tea, however in recent years the active ingredient (gypenosides) which has been the subject of research world-wide, has now been extracted and is available in capsule form. Jiaogulan is known as an adaptogen for its ability to help the body adapt to any and all circumstances.  All adaptogens – including ginkgo biloba and ginseng, restore balance to the body’s immune system. They are so rare that only 1 in every 4000 plants is known as an adaptogen. Unlike modern pharmaceutical drugs, jiaogulan has no adverse side effects. Today it is the most powerful adaptogen available on the market.

It is a herb that grows naturally in the Guizhou province of China. Usage of jiaogulan -pronounced as je-ow-goo-lan (gynostemma pentophyllum) – dates back hundreds of years when it was known as “xiancao” or the “herb of immortality”.  Literary references date back to the Ming dynasty in 1368 A.D.

Jiaogulan - The Immortality Herb

It is a known fact that in the Guizhou province in Southern China it is not only common, but expected, that the local residents would live for more than 100 years. The Guizhou province shares many healthy ways of life which promote longevity along with other provinces. However after a close study by Chinese scientists and government officials, they found that there was only one difference between the people of Guizhou (who live to a very, very ripe old age) and those of adjoining provinces. That difference being jiaogulan. The people of the Guizhou province have been drinking jiaogulan tea for centuries to increase strength and energy as well as to combat fatigue and stress.

This herb has also traditionally been used to treat colds, the flu, and other infectious diseases because of its huge boost to the body’s immune system. Generally jiaogulan has been used as a great elixir for promoting anti-aging and longevity. Jiaogulan is a powerful anti-oxidant as well, which makes it effective in treating a wide range of health problems whilst promoting general wellness.

This immortality herb is now available in 100% vegetarian 60mg capsules containing 95% gypenosides, which is the active ingredient in Jiaogulan in its extract form.

Jiaogulan herbal supplements are commonly found in three concentrations of the active ingredient, gypenosides: 10%, 30% and 95%. Don’t be fooled by other brands that have less than the standard amount of gypenosides or companies that don’t even list the amount of gypenosides in their products. Although you may find other brands of jiaogulan herbal supplements that appear to be less expensive, our jiaogulan formulas are by far better value. Jagulana Herbal Products’ standard formula uses 95% pure gypenosides and is the highest concentration available in the market.

We have compared our prices to other major brands and have discovered that to get the same amount of active ingredient, you would have to spend around 150% of our economically priced capsules.

You could spend hundreds of dollars and juggle a dozen bottles every day and still not get the benefits present in one bottle of jiaogulan. This herb is unique when compared with other remedies because it’s a single herb that offers you so much.

Jiaogulan the new ginseng — doctors are saying that jiaogulan is like ginseng only better. Both ginseng and jiaogulan share many saponins, however jiaogulan has 82 saponins while ginseng has only 28. Jiaogulan not only has all the major saponins found in ginseng but also an additional unique form of saponins called gypenosides that are found only in jiaogulan. Jiaogulan has the highest number of saponins found in any one plant in nature. Saponins have a strong effect on our bodies’ regulatory systems, such as blood pressure and the immune system as well as the reproductive and nervous systems.

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