6 Proven Reasons to Start Taking Jiaogulan Now!

6 Proven Reasons to Start Taking Jiaogulan Now! 150 150 Sergey

Still not convinced about Jiaogulan? I will give you even more reasons to start taking Jiaogulan now! Stay healthy and boost your immune system with this miracle herb.

Jiaogulan, AKA Gynostemma Pentaphyllum, is very popular in Southeast Asia. So popular, that they named it The Immortality Herb. All because of its numerous medicinal properties. Don’t just take my word for it, look at what WebMD has to say about The Immortality Herb.

Start taking Jiaogulan NOW!

Below I will list only a few major benefits and reasons why you should start taking Jiaogulan now. Make sure to read to the end and leave us a comment or a suggestion. If you find the information useful, do not forget to share it with your friends and dear ones.

1. Powerful Immune Booster and Adaptogen

Take Jiaogulan NOW!

Over the years, Jiaogulan has earned itself a new nickname – Southern Ginseng or Poor Man’s Ginseng.
Like the true Asian ginseng (Panax Ginseng) is reputed to extend life, Jiaogulan boosts immune system and tonifies health, thus increasing longevity. Both Ginseng and Jiaogulan are Adaptogens – plants with high content of phytochemicals that protect us from stress and disease, while boosting our immune system.

As a matter of fact, Jiaogulan contains active ingredients same called gypenosides. These have similar properties as their expensive brothers – ginsenosides. But what is even more astounding, is that Jiaogulan has way more active ingredients and saponins than any other herb on the planet, including Ginseng.

2. Regulates Blood Sugars

Stop Diabetes NOW!

In addition to boosting your immune system and toning your body, Jiaogulan will regulate your blood sugar levels. What does it mean? Start taking Jiaogulan now, if you are concerned about diabetes. With it’s unique active ingredients and saponins, Jiaogulan will reduce carbohydrate absorption, protect pancreas, normalize insulin production in your body and preserve the functions of insulin receptors. This will naturally normalise blood sugar counts and prevent diabetes.

Worried about diabetes? Give Jiaogulan a try, even today it is used in maintaining healthy sugar levels without any negative side effects.

3. Boosts Antioxidant Activity

Did you also know that Jiaogulan has antioxidant properties as well? Before you compare it to green tea, chocolate or acai berries – think again! Although it does not have many antioxidants of it’s own, it is packed with active ingredients that stimulate body’s own anti-oxidizing capabilities.

During trials it was observed that subjects taking Jiaogulan extract stimulated the body to produce more glutathione without taking antioxidant supplements. This is amazing news!

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4. Normalizes Blood Pressure

With so many deaths related to coronary heart disease, it is a relief to know that Jiaogulan can offer your heart the natural protection it needs. As it turns out, Jiaogulan is a true heart defender.

Studies show that Gynostemma extract encourages the body to produce its own nitric oxide, which dilates blood vessels, assists blood flow, reduces hypertension, and reduces the chance of heart disease.

Try Jiaogulan if you are worried about your heart, plus the boost in antioxidant activity as well as your immune system are both very much welcomed side effects.

5. Lowers Cholesterol

Get Closer to Immortality

More good news for your heart! Saponins in Jiaogulan have a cholesterol reducing effect! 22% drop in LDL levels (bad cholesterol), while HDL (good cholesterol) remained unchanged in a group of subjects taking Jiaogulan extract. Reducing the chances for hypertension, heart disease, atherosclerosis, and many other connected health problems – Jiaogulan is a true miracle herb that has it all!

It will protect your body from stress, heal the heart, combat diabetes – and will get you the closest to immortality you can get!

6. Benefits the Reproductive System

Maybe this should have been the first item on this list. Jiaogulan improves sexual function and helps with erectile dysfunction because it regulates nitric oxide production. Which in return has the ability to dilate the arteries and increase blood flow to the whole body, including one’s reproductive organs.
Increasing nitric oxide production is the biological basis of how the popular drug Viagra works.

Nitric oxide is also important in sperm production and motility, ovarian function and ovulation, oviduct (the tube that links the ovary to the uterus) function, formation of the placenta, pregnancy, labor, sexual behavior, and generation of steroid hormones.

Jiaogulan has also shown to protect the sperm from damage due to toxins and high blood fat content.

Availability of Jiaogulan

The Immortality Herb, also known as Jiaogulan, is generally taken in the form of a tea. However, it is also available in the form of capsules. It is advisable to look for standardized Jiaogulan capsules with the maximum content of active ingredients. This way you will get a fixed dose every time you take a capsule and you most likely will feel the benefits much sooner.

You can purchase Jiaogulan Tea and Jiaogulan Capsules directly from our shop, or from Amazon here.


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