Can Jiaogulan battle cancer? Here are fascinating facts.

Can Jiaogulan battle cancer? Here are fascinating facts. 150 150 Sergey

Gynostemma Pentaphyllum, also known as The Immortality Herb, has vast therapeutic properties. It has been used for treating several disorders including hepatitis, diabetes and cardiovascular disease. In this article I will shed some light on the fascinating discoveries about Jiaogulan’s Anti-Cancer properties.

Can Jiaogulan battle cancer?
A scientist studying Jiaogulan

Although we all want to live forever and achieve immortality, this is a topic for another day. Today, I will share with you some information that will strengthen your faith in the Anti Cancer properties of Jiaogulan – The Immortality Herb.
This article is based on research done by a handful of Chinese scientists, you can read all the technical jargon here if you are interested. I will go on and try to make it more appealing to the general crowd.


Up until August 2016 a dedicated team of scientists were thoroughly studying Jiaogulan, scientifically known as Gynostemma Pentaphyllum. They were so fond of their subject that they decided to give it their own pet-name – GpM.

Active Ingredients

Numerous active ingredients of Jiaogulan

Over the years of research, they have discovered and catalogued 230 different compounds present in Jiaogulan. That is not a small number! 189 of them were classified as Saponins, or Gypenosides. The remaining were classified as Sterols, Flavonoids or Polysaccharides, but that is not important now.

Clinical Studies

The herb has active ingredients that will one way or another prevent cancer cells. Isn’t that just amazing? Some saponins will arrest cancerous cell cycles, while other will inhibit their growth. To make a long scientific article short – Jiaogulan will fight tooth and nail with any cancer you throw it’s way. At first it was the mice and the rats who were the subjects of the study.

Jiaogulan - The Immortality Herb
Clinical study

Then in 1993 there was a group of 59 patients with malignant tumors. Over the years the research showed a five-fold decrease of relapse and metastasis. The patients who were taking Jiaogulan were five times less likely to have a relapse! Their immune system showed significant improvements even after chemotherapy. This is quite an interesting phenomena. We all know that recovery process after chemotherapy can be quite gruesome. Well, Jiaogulan can help smoothen things out and will get you back on your feet in shorter time.

Cancer Prevention

Can Jiaogulan battle cancer?

But what about preventing cancer? Well, Jiaogulan has got you covered! We already know that the active ingredients in Jiaogulan will attack cancer cells, stop their growth and boost your immune system. Armed with numerous adaptogens, antioxidants and amino acids, The Immortality Herb will defend you not only from cancer, but from numerous other illnesses.


I don’t know about you, but I was already very excited about the wonders of Jiaogulan prior to writing this article. Now I have another reason to continue taking this magical herb. My goal is to live forever (or at least till I am 100), and with Jiaogulan, I might just make it. So what are you waiting for? Make Jiaogulan part of your day and forget about old age and disease. I personally like to take a cup of warm Jiaogulan tea and relax in the evening. What is your secret?

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