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Wholesale Orders

We welcome wholesale orders.

We are a small company and the herb jiaogulan is quite new to the West, so currently there is limited distribution at a retail level, which means that often, the only way people can get the product is direct from us.

It is our desire to support health food stores and other specialty retailers.

We have a strong support program for retailers, including excellent discounts, bag stuffers, shelf talkers, and other items to promote this exciting new herb to your customers. 

Once we have established retail outlets we refer all callers to stores in their area.

For more information about our wholesale prices and retailer support program, please call 888-465-3686 or email us:

  For UK enquiries:
Website: www.immortalityherb.co.uk
Telephone: 01923 856145  FAX: 01923 856145


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Telephone: (1) 559-337-2200  FAX: (1)  559-337-2354
Toll Free number for info & Ordering: (1) 888 465 3686 (also good in Canada)
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