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Jiaogulan one month Combo

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Get a one month supply of 90 Jiaogulan capsules and 60 teabags for a special discounted rate.

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Take Jiaogulan Capsules 3 times daily, preferably on empty stomach.

Our exquisitely flavored Jiaogulan tea should be taken twice a day for optimal result.


Jiaogulan Capsules and Tea combo
Standardized Gypenoside Extract

Our customers confirm what the many research studies on Jiaogulan have reported: Jiaogulan helps to regulate cholesterol and blood pressure, strengthen the immune system and increase stamina and endurance.

The small family farmers who grow it use the plants own microorganisms to fertilize the soil without employing any pesticides.

Gypenosides, the active ingredient in Jiaogulan, is the precise form of the extract that researchers use to study the medicinal effects of the herb. Each capsule contains 60 mg of 95% standardized gypenosides.

Each combo contains 90 vegetarian capsules and 60 teabags. That means you have a monthly supply of Jiaogulan product (3 capsules and 2 teabags per day).

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